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“Dr. Baker is excellent at treating you like the most important patient he has.  He is very good at explaining procedures and will take all the time you need to answer questions.” 

Comments from August 2104 Patient Satisfaction Survey


"The procedure was straightforward and relatively painless and my recover was quick and easy. My legs look great and my symptoms are completely gone. I can be on my feet all day long without any swelling."

Chris B., Spectrum Medical Group EVLT patient

"I am totally satisfied...I had no symptoms and my legs look great!"

Jody B., Spectrum Medical Group EVLT patient

"Prior to the procedure, I was embarrassed to wear shorts due to unsightly veins bulging behind my knee and down my calf... After the procedure, my leg looked completely different - 100% better with no unsightly bulges."

Colleen P., Spectrum Medical Group EVLT patient

Vascular Disease

Dear Spectrum Medical Group,

It is my pleasure to express to others my experience with Spectrum Medical Group. Until one year ago I had no idea there was a field of medicine called Interventional Radiology. I never thought about renal stents or how they are placed, bu learned all about it through the care and professional staff at Spectrum. Through the years dealing with various doctors and staff, this was the best experience I ever had. Dr. Kim’s kindness, professionalism, and willingness to spend time is a comfort any patient would welcome. I’d like people to know that if they require any of the types of care that your office provides they will be very pleased.

Thank you very much.

Diane M

I am a 68 y.o. male and in early 2008 started having leg pain during short walks and at night. I thought it was due to a back injury from several years back. But tests proved it was poor circulation. My PCP referred me to Dr. Kim. He did an ultrasound to determine where the obstruction was and decided to insert stents.  After 5 stents and one shunt I now am pain free, and can walk, climb stairs, ladders etc. without pain.

Dr. Kim has an excellent bedside manner and explains everything in detail. On the day of procedure, he took the time to meet with me and once again explain the procedure.

Thank you Dr. Kim. I would recommend you to anyone with similar problems.

L. Bosse

“Leg really hurt could hardly walk. After 1st procedure a lot of the pain was gone, after 3rd procedure no more pain. Out of work prior due to leg pain, return to work full duties one month post procedure. Physician was great, I was used professionally.”

David B.

I couldn’t have asked for better treatment. The physician and staff had good bedside manner. Dr. Kim was very thorough explaining the procedure, recovery and overall outcome. Everyone was very caring.

D. Smith

The staff was very thorough, quite conscientious, and I had no problems during or after the procedure. I was completely amazed. No pain post procedure and my legs seem to be working better than before. Dr. Kim and staff are excellent. Definitely would give VIR an A rating.

L. Vigil

Uterine Fibroids

“Had fibroids for years, nothing worked, heavy flow, debilitating, hematocrit was low, exhausted all the time. Read about the embolization procedure. Researched and found Spectrum Medical Interventional Radiologists offered procedure. Dr. Dykes explained the procedure in detail prior to and during the procedure. Short overnight stay, out of work for one week, which is minimal compared to alternative. Only problem, this procedure was not mentioned before. Out of desperation started searching the web.”

Norma M

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Did You Know? We treat varicose veins and spider veins? Varicose veins are swollen veins which protrude in a rope-like manner under the skin. Normal veins, by virtue of one-way valves, channel blood against gravity up the leg and back to the heart. When a valve becomes defective, it allows blood flow to leak back down the leg resulting in congestion and swelling of the vein. This is a medical condition called Venous Insufficiency.
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